The Ways That Apple Cider Vinegar Can Assist With Weight Loss

This fruity golden liquid has been used for thousands of years and can still be found in many people’s pantries today. Apple cider vinegar is getting a lot of attention recently for its many health benefits and is an important ingredient that should not be ignored. However, what most people don’t realize is that this dressing can be added to your diet to help you lose weight.

What Is It?

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented byproduct of a two-step process. The first step is where crushed apples are combined with yeast to convert the sugar into alcohol. Then, bacteria is added to transform the alcohol into acetic acid – which is this liquids key compound for promoting weight loss.

How Acetic Acid Supports Weight Loss

Acetic acid is a short chain of fatty acids that has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also responsible for giving vinegar its signature sour taste. It supports weight loss in the following ways by:

  • Decreasing blood-sugar levels.
  • Decreasing insulin levels
  • Regulating metabolism.
  • Reducing the rate at which fat is stored in the body.
  • Supporting the body’s fat burning capacity.
  • Reducing appetite.

However, these insights were gained from animal studies and still need to be thoroughly tested with a human test group to confirm these beneficial effects.

Increased Fullness; Decreased Calories

By increasing the feeling of fullness, as acetic acid was theorized to support, the body will naturally take in fewer calories which would support weight loss. Over and above apple ciders ability to reduce appetite, it is now known that it slows down the gastric rate too – which is the rate at which the stomach empties. In doing so, it promotes feelings of fullness which then encourages one to eat less.

However, this may cause complications with those suffering from Gastroparesis by worsening the effects of the condition.

Lose Body Fat

A tablespoon (or two) of apple cider vinegar a day will keep the excess weight at bay. After a rather large Japanese study, which carried out for 12 weeks, showed a positive correlation between consuming 15 – 30 ml of apple cider vinegar and weight loss as well as a decrease in body fat percentage. The study was carried out with obese individuals who were also told to restrict their alcohol intake. Although the results of this study are encouraging, additional studies will be needed to further prove these benefits.

Many Benefits

While the support for the weight loss benefits of apple cider begin to pile up, bear in mind that this acidic beverage also offers a range of other wonderful benefits; a few of which include:

  • A reduction in cholesterol levels.
  • The killing of harmful bacteria like E.coli
  • Preventing infections like Candida
  • It inhibits tumor growth.
  • Reducing the severity of heartburn and acid reflux.
  • Preventing kidney stones and urinary tract infections from forming.

However beneficial apple cider vinegar may be, ensure that you consume it within reason as too much may result in adverse side effects.